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Sophie and Mara are so unalike, you'd hardly believe they're sisters. They do, however, rub elbows with other famous duos such as Stephen Colon and Marcus Malon, Tricia and Melissa, and Corgy and Tooper. Comic originally surrounded gaming, but branches from there into my other loves.

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A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal

August 14th, 2008, 8:56 pm

A long, long time ago... a galaxy called the Milky Way by the inhabitants of a small planet called Earth, a chick in a small town in a small state in a smaller country... Chicago, IL, USA if anyone's heard of it... wrote a webcomic. Poorly written and drawn, she eventually abandoned her attempts to prove to herself that she could publish and maintain a webcomic. Sadly, she allowed the dream to fade.
Until one day...
She started sketching the old characters. She made them new! Exciting! And... significantly better-looking! And she said to herself on that fateful day, "Well, what the fuck. Might as well haul my ass back to smackjeeves and show them what I've got now."
There is a good chance she will forget this place very soon, and neglect to return with her new and improved comics. They have good shading, use Photoshop well, and even now come with a catchy story line... every now and again.

Really, it shouldn't even be called Overclocked anymore. It's... not the same comic. Similar.

We shall see... we shall see.

March 26th, 2008, 11:23 am

Happy Easter

That was for you, Mel. Happy zombie-Jesus-day.

July 5th, 2007, 12:51 pm

Sincere Apologies

First of all, I don't work at a store which sells the precious products known as video games. I work in a coffee shop. But that's not that exciting, especially because my boss completely hates me due to a satricial note I left. Aww well, fuck him anyway, it's a gig during school for some college money.

Okay, so obviously I haven't updated in over a month. Hmm, funny that I seem to have less time during summer. Really, between work and video games and social contact, it's rather difficult to convince myself to sit down and actually do a comic. I've got ideas, but I'm lazy. I only do webcomics when I don't want to do something else, and during summer... well, I want to do everything. Damn.

Anyway, on the subject of game ratings, I don't actually condone giving small children such violent games. I heard a mother saying something smiliar to the second frame to her kid when I was grabbing a copy of Condemned for PC. I couldn't help but chuckle slightly, not because I would give kids violent video games, but more-so because the boy seemed quite mature about the situation (he looked about 12 or 13) and she treated him like a 5-year-old.

Ahh, well. Screw the M-rating, I'm over 17. Damn you, Illinois.

May 31st, 2007, 1:00 am

Seems like I was dead

But I wasn't. Simply swamped with school, art, and planning my future.

Well, all except the last one.

Ahh, redshirts. They were always the ones to die...

May 17th, 2007, 12:02 am

Improper Use of Time

That's what a teacher of mine called my artwork.
Not just my cartoons, but my artwork done for classes as well. I believe the exact words were "Art is such an improper use of your time. You can't do anything with it in real life."
I responded with "I can make myself happy with it. I think that justifies its use of my time."

Unfortunately the piece seen in the background of this latest comic is just the reference picture I messed around with in photoshop and not the real deal. The Real Deal is currently awaiting its placement in a show. So I did the next best thing. Because the only other scans/pictures I have are of graphite drawings, and those lose so much contrast and vivacity when scanned, at least by my old malfunctioning scanner.

Too bad I'm broke.

And too bad that was based off of an actual conversation between Mara and myself. I watched someone play Spiderman three for about five minutes and then left to the room to find a gun. I think Mara only said it because it was the first thing she saw/thought of. Anyway, I'm not a big console gamer to begin with. If it's on PC, I get it for PC. But I have a certain affection for my Wii that no console (other than my SNES and upon rare occasion my PS2) has yet elicited. I can't tell what it is about the little console that makes me happy.

Well, the Wiimote, the Twilight Princess, the Smooth Moves, the memories of camping out in the snow... those generally help.

I talk too much.


"They pass by so silently... Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee."

May 15th, 2007, 11:59 pm

He did get well...

Long story short. I put a second DVD drive into my computer, Atlas. Drive was a success, but then Atlas started having random problems. First I just couldn't get him to turn on, then his picture wasn't coming up, then came the worst of it. The five minutes of function before complete shutdown. I don't pretend to know much about computers. I got a disc drive into it alright, but that was just reading directions.
His father abandoned him. After putting my computer together, the guy disappeared off the face of the earth, or at least away from all the friends and family we know of his. So I wouldn't have much luck calling him. After two days of having no computer, I wrote a "Get Well Soon" card for Atlas. A couple days later I brought it to him and turned him on for his five minutes of function.
And behold, Atlas was better.

So, I decided I'd honour the magical card by posting it as my next comic.
Even though it looks really crappy and the pictures were not the focus of the card. Since. They. Suck? Yes.
Also, I posted it because I don't have anything else to put up. Because I wasn't going to succumb to using paint on my father's computer.
No matter. What.

That's my story and my excuse.

"Think of all the lives saved by plastic knives..."

May 8th, 2007, 11:33 pm

Artistic License

I didn't think anyone would notice if I drew a couple of comics on my wall. But a couple of comics turned into a wall full of graffiti, and I spent a good three hours reverting the wall back to its original state. But hey, I got a comic out of it. Nothing ever comes easy. Well, except for some things. Like an A in band.

I'm still experimenting with my webcomic style. It's interesting for me to look at my comics side-by-side and see the different techniques I've used to make them look the way I want them to look.

I'm also spending a lot of time trying out a new style. It's less cartoonish and more realistic, but I'm going to use it for a specific story I wanted to illustrate. Assuming it is ever finished being written. Of course, it encompasses one of my loves other than gaming- superheroes/villains.


"A tidal wave couldn't save the world from Californication..."

May 4th, 2007, 7:55 pm

Does Whatever An Average Human Can

Which isn't much compared to Spiderman.
I went to see it last night at midnight. I can home and began plotting a brand new superhero life for myself, and decided to seal the deal with some Legend Of The Seven Stars. I passed out playing that, woke up two hours later, and wrote my official review of the movie. I had some small points on which I made criticisms, but when I look at comic-based movies, I try to imagine it as just a movie, and realize that they can fit a lot more in an ever-continuing series of comics than they can in a movie. There was one or two major points I made (the lack of necessity for Sandman for one thing, and the fact that Hobgoblin was called "New Goblin" I can say right off the top of my head), but I really enjoyed the movie.

I'm not quite so lenient on movies based of books. I don't know why comicbook-based movies get treated to differently in my mind.
I'd suggest seeing it at least once. I mean, come on.

I also have an excuse as to the lack of comics through the week. I've been writing a lot of comics based around my friend and myself as a superhero and a supervillain (she's the villain, I fight for goodness, always). It's quite rediculous (as it was meant to be). It's called Captain Intensity vs. Gamma Ray. It's hilarious and lacks a serious plot. It actually lacks all seriousness. But it was meant to be obnoxiously rediculous. Absurd. I shouldn't have used rediculous twice.
If I ever ink them up I'll post one or two on a special day. But the style I use for super-drawing is a lot more detailed and far too different for them to be included in regular updates.
Still weeping over my lost sketchbook. I'm buying a few more today, assuming I have some spare money.

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